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Extended Support Hours Now Available for Planting Season 2023!

Now that planting season is upon us, SurePoint Ag Systems is pleased to announce that our support hours are now being extended to best support our busy dealers!

Starting on Monday, March 13th and continuing through the month of May, our Support Team will be available from 7 AM to 7 PM (CST) Monday through Friday, and 8 AM to 2 PM (CST) on Saturdays. Customers needing help beyond those hours are encouraged to use our text-in line and we’ll do our level best to get them the help they need.

Our friendly team of support experts is now available during peak operations to make sure you can maximize productivity and access assistance when you need it. After the end of May, our support team's operating hours will return to normal.

Toll Free Phone Support

Call Us: 866-626-3670

Toll Free Text Support

Text Us: 785-626-8561


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