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We want to help our dealers stay up-to-date on the latest product developments with specialized training opportunities. These vary between in-person events, virtual training sessions, and videos available online.

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More Dates Added Due to Demand!

We recently hosted ten different in-person technical trainings for SurePoint Ag dealers, and the response was huge! After numerous events to send additional folks to these valuable training opportunities, we've added two more Sessions to the calendar for January 2023. These hands-on technical trainings will be focused on our industry-leading fertilizer and NH3 application systems, and are perfect for technicians, sales people, precision ag and integrated solutions staff, and anyone that desires a high level of knowledge regarding SurePoint's systems.

January 2023 in Grand Island, NE
Topic: Fertilizer Application Systems

Session #1: January 17-18

Session #2: January 19-20

Liquid Application Systems

  • Distribution Systems & Components

  • Sentinel Setup & Operation

  • Diagnosing & Troubleshooting

Training Schedule:

Day One

8 to 12: Morning Sessions

Lunch will be provided.

1 to 5: Afternoon Sessions

Day Two

8 to 12: Morning Sessions

1 to 3: Optional NH3 Session

Available January 18th or January 20th @ 1 p.m. for any participants of Session #1 or Session #2 that wish to attend.

NH3 Systems

  • Optional add-on session for anyone interested in specific training for NH3 systems, available on the afternoon of Day Two for each training.


Book wherever you'd like!

There is no room block reservation for these events, so feel free to book accommodations wherever you'd like in Grand Island, NE.

Registration: $250 Per Person Per Session

Cancelation Policy: 50% refund will be issued if registration is canceled at least 30 days prior to the training event. Any cancelations within 30 days of the event will not receive a refund.

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