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Spartan Direct Injection

Mobile injection with unmatched accuracy.

The SurePoint Spartan compliments the already great line of SurePoint Application Products.  The Spartan Mobile injection system blows the competition away with its unmatched accuracy. This injection pump comes in four sizes, 2 to 10 oz/min, 3 to 20 oz/min, 5 to 40 oz/min, and 10 to 80 oz/min. Those pump sizes can be matched up with several tanks sizes to meet the customer's needs. The SurePoint Spartan is the most accurate injection pump in the market today. Spartan's accuracy helps eliminate product waste, reducing environmental impact while saving producers dollars. Injection eliminates tank mixing and adjusts product concentration throughout the field.


The SurePoint Spartan has the ability to be controlled by all major ag platforms.  Why add another controller to the cab when we can simply use the controller you own? SurePoint can work with you and your technology platform provider to make sure that you have what you need. Your local technology dealer will provide the correct module and SurePoint will plug into it. SurePoint will provide the correct harness depending on which platform you have. SurePoint Electronics computer tests and certifies ALL harnesses they manufacture for SurePoint Ag. You will receive a high-quality braided harness that will hold up better in the difficult ag environment.

Technology platforms include:

  • SurePoint Sentinel Rate Control through existing ISO display

  • John Deere Rate Controller

  • Ag Leader Liquid Product Control Module or ISO Node

  • Trimble Field IQ Rate & Section Control Module

  • Case IH Pro 700 with AccuControl

  • New Holland IntelliRate

  • Raven

When the Customer does not have a controller to plug into, SurePoint can provide its Commander II Controller. The Commander II Controller is a highly accurate, very compact automatic rate controller.  It allows great performance from your system, with the simplest wiring in the industry. The SurePoint Commander II controller comes with a factory-calibrated speed sensor that comes with a magnetic base that the customer mounts outside of the tractor with a clear view of the sky.

Plumbing & Distribution

SurePoint offers several options to get the product you’re injecting into the carrier line.

Anhydrous: Use a SurePoint Cast mixing chamber to mix the Nitrogen Stabilizer in with your Anhydrous. The SurePoint NH3 mixing chamber offers the best mixing with the lowest pressure drop. SurePoint NH3 mixing chamber kits come with the parts you will need to get running fast.

Liquid:  Use a poly mixing chamber to properly mix your injected product. SurePoint offers several sizes of mixing chambers to meet your flow requirements. Our mixing chamber kits include all the fittings and check valves needed to get you up and running.

Support Materials

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