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Row-to-row accuracy that is

second to none.

Sentinel offers instant in-cab notifications of blockages or flow variations, measuring every row with state-of-the-art E-Mag flow meter technology. No moving parts means less downtime and more bushels in the bin!



Superior Accuracy

During Planting 2018, SurePoint studied the row-to-row accuracy of LiquiShift combined with Metering Tube, planting 3000 acres of irrigated and dryland corn with a 24-row, 30″ planter. As our lab and engineering tests have shown previously, the accuracy is second-to-none. The farmer’s prescription applied from 10 to 40 GPA. SurePoint analyzed over 50,000 data points logged from the Sentinel™ Liquid Row Monitor showing that the row-to-row CV (coefficient of variance) is less than 4.6% over 95% of the time. The average CV is just 3.9%.

No moving parts

Sentinel™ utilizes SurePoint's E-Mag Flow Meter technology on every row. These flow meters are accurate without the need for calibration and have no moving parts.  Other row monitoring systems are available – all of them use a mechanical meter which is subject to plugging and lodging. With Sentinel™, just a 20 mesh strainer is needed to get out the big chunks!

385% Larger Passageway

Nearly all SurePoint systems, including Sentinel™, only require a 20 Mesh Strainer. A 20 mesh screen has 385% larger passageway size and 48% more open area than an 80 mesh screen. If you are tired of cleaning filters and unplugging orifices, SurePoint has a system for you!

  • Much more than a blockage monitor, Sentinel™ also lets you know when flow is slightly reduced, not just completely blocked.

  • Sentinel™ works great for prescription application. Its auto-rate feature measures and calculates the average rate of all rows and identifies rows under or over this variable prescription rate.

  • Flows are displayed in both gallons per minute and gallons per acre to easily understand system performance.

  • Audio alarm alerts the operator within seconds when a row is under or over applying. Independent set points for % over or % under rate.

LiquiShift® integration

The SurePoint LiquiShift® is fully integrated with the Sentinel™ ISO controller. This feature allows you to monitor the system pressure and adjust the pressure shift points for more customization options.  This combination also allows you to manually switch between the two metering tubes from the cab.  On-screen information allows you to monitor the pump duty cycle and visually see which metering tube is currently being used.

The ROI of Knowing

In our 2018 field testing, Sentinel™ identified one row of the 24 Row Planter that was consistently 17%-19% lower than the other rows. The restriction was a slight kink in the hose at the pivot point of the single-disc fertilizer opener. Without Sentinel™, the farmer would not have known of this significant reduction in rate.

Sentinel Logo Final.8.12.2015.png

Sentinel Rate Control: SurePoint’s ISOBUS Rate Control module is compatible with most ISOBUS displays. It uses the same ECU as Sentinel Row Monitor, allowing you to get two features out of the same hardware. This technology, the result of 15 years of rate control experience, brings a unique, intuitive user experience. New in 2020 and in full release for 2021. 

Sentinel Row Control: Control the application rate of each individual row using the Sentinel Row Control Valve installed on every row. Utilizing the Sentinel E-mag Flow Meter Module, Sentinel Row Flow Control accurately and reliably measures flow to each row and ensures that you achieve the desired application rate every time. This brand new technology is currently available on limited release in 2021.

More Than Just Row Monitoring

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Put More Bushels in the Bin.

With Sentinel's powerful row monitoring technology, you can catch errors early on and avoid losing money in the long run. Sentinel allows you to put more bushels in the bin and more money in your pocket.

What is the cost of NOT knowing?

  • Total Acres Planted: 3,000 acres

  • Acres Planted by 1 Row -- 125 acres

  • Yield Goal -- 140 bushels/acre

  • Lost Yield on Restricted Row -- 140 x 0.19

       = 26.6 bushels / acre

  • Lost Revenue -- 3,325 x $3.70 / bushel = $12,302 lost

       Cost of Sentinel Row Monitoring for

       24-Row Planter - $11,790

Take Advantage of Your Existing Display

Sentinel™ ISO utilizes your existing display as the user interface and is expandable up to 64 rows. Or, Sentinel™ Companion monitors up
to 16 rows, utilizing a small companion console in the tractor cab. In both cases, implementing Sentinel will take up little to no extra space in your cab.

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