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The highest quality chemical inductor equipment on the market.

The ChemBlade product line is designed to allow operators to handle their chemicals efficiently, safely, and extremely fast! The goal is to keep the sprayer in the field spraying instead of sitting idle loading. ChemBlade products allow you to cover more acres before wind, a storm, or heat conditions shut you down. 

Eliminate Chemical Exposure

ChemBlade provides an enclosed system, meaning you and your employees no longer have to handle hazardous chemicals by hand. Insert a full jug and the system pierces, drains, and rinses it thoroughly. Once the cycle is complete, you can safely remove the clean, non-contaminated jug that is ready to discard.

Save Time & Money

ChemBlade allows you to measure your chemicals perfectly every time, meaning you can say goodbye to wasting precious ounces because of inaccurate pours. Plus, the system saves you time and energy by eliminating pouring by hand and triple-rinsing jugs at the shop. Everything is done on-site, all in one easy step!

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ChemBlade Original patented knife and rinse head opens, empties, and rinses pesticide containers with unmatched speed and efficiency. The ChemBlade Original fits most 16” inductor tank lids.




ChemBlade Plus, similar to ChemBlade Original, includes an auxiliary rinse head to rinse jugs emptied and not cut with ChemBlade knife.


Original With Eductor

The patented ChemBlade Original with eductor opens, empties, and rinses pesticide containers with unmatched speed and efficiency. The time savings afford you invaluable time in the field and result in a more effective operation. 


  • Built with high-grade stainless steel and uses a quality TeeJet rotary rinse head.  Don't let the competitors fool you with their cheaper materials and crude rinse systems.

  • Dry bags are also easy to use with the Chem-Blade, 50lb bags of product can be emptied quickly with minimal effort.  This eliminates a tremendous amout of shoulder work required when using traditional lifting and pouring methods.

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ES® (Enclosed System)  

The ChemBlade ES (Enclosed System) allows operators to handle their chemicals efficiently, safely and extremely fast! Simply set the jug inside, close the lid and click a button. The ES encloses the cutting and rinsing process, isolating the operator from potentially hazardous products. 


  • ES system accepts 1 to 2.5-gallon jug containers as well as 10 to 50-lb dry product bags.

  • Easy loading ergonomic tank height. Tank capacity of 50 gallons.

  • Built for longevity with 1/8” stainless steel tank.

  • ES system utilizes top-of-the-line hardware and components, providing you a long-lasting product.

  • 1 year full warranty

Compared to traditional opening, pouring, and triple rinsing of jugs, the Chem-Blade ES allows gains of up to an hour per day of spray application.




The ChemCaddy® is our innovative solution for solving your partial jug dosing needs. Equipped standard with flip-top lid for pouring jugs. Optionally, available with EasyFlow closed transfer system, which allows operators to transfer product without being directly exposed to chemical.



  • Multiple jug adaptors allow operators to switch from product to product without being exposed.

  • The site gauge has individual ounce lines with a tank capacity of 2.75 gallons, making very accurate dosing feasible.  

  • The site gauge has adjustable o-rings which help the operator duplicate repeat measurements for repetitive applications.

  • Multiple Venturi manifold options allow for a broad range of application possibilities; from large-scale agriculture to lawn and turf industries.


BulkBlaster allows operators to quickly and easily rinse empty totes. Simply insert BulkBlaster in place of the tote lid, supply pressurized rinse water, and BulkBlaster will rinse the inside of the tote until it is perfectly clean and ready to be repurposed. QuickDraw even comes equipped with a rinse cycle function specifically designed to integrate with BulkBlaster, speeding up the process even more!


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