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SureFire equipment being installed on a planter



At SurePoint Ag Systems, we pride ourselves on our wide range of compatibility options that allow you to utilize your existing technology with our products.

Industry experts in precision application and control.

SurePoint Ag is the industry expert in designing an application system that meets the needs of your farm. SurePoint has over 15 years of experience in liquid application. Let us put that expertise to work for your farm!

About SurePoint Application Systems

SurePoint starts by understanding your variables. We have a range of solutions from simple and basic, to the most advanced systems providing individual rate control of each row.

Getting to the field with a system that works seamlessly requires understanding all the variables:

  • Implement model and size

  • Fertilizer products being used

  • Application rates and speeds

  • How to integrate with your in-cab technology

Row Crop


Air Seeders
& Drills

Potato Planters
& Markers

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NH3 & Side Dress


Specialty Crop

Application solutions for all types of farm implements

System Types & Categories

We can help you determine which type of system is best for your farm, taking into consideration all the appropriate factors. Each of our systems incorporates elements from these three categories.


Flow Rate

Applying 3 GPA in-furrow requires a different approach than applying 25 GPA. SurePoint Ag has solutions for the application needs of your farm.


Micro Volume Application

Less than 2 GPM

Standard Volume Application

2 GPM - 40 GPM

High Volume Application

Greater than 40 GPM


Need more than one product? Many times reaching new yield thresholds requires using multiple products, applied at different rates, in different locations, or at different depths. SurePoint can make that happen!


Integrating With In-Cab Technology

Seamless integration with the technology in your cab. SurePoint systems are compatible with most rate control platforms. We provide harnesses specifically designed to plug into your platform and simple “QuickStart Instructions” to get your system running with ease.


Sentinel Rate Control 102 b - no background.png



SurePoint Application Systems are equipped with one of these three manifold and distribution systems, based on your needs:

Simple, reliable and lowest cost. Each application row is equipped with a dual check valve body connected to two Metering Tubes. Use on/off valve to utilize the small tube, the large tube, or both tubes together.

SurePoint’s most popular system, LiquiShift utilizes two Metering Tubes and provides the technology to automatically shift between tubes to maintain an optimal system pressure. Compatible with most rate control platforms, the Gen3 LiquiShift utilizes Zip Valve on each row, providing positive shut-off and eliminating check valves.

Sentinel Row Control Logo 2021 - Orange Letters.png

SurePoint’s newest advancement in application systems. Control the application rate of each row using Sentinel Row Control. Using the Sentinel E-Mag flow meter module, accurately and reliably measure and control flow to each row.

Components of Application Systems

Components of Application Systems


Whether your operation calls for a low-volume Tower or a PumpRight, the pumping system will arrive completely assembled, including the flow meter, ready to be mounted on your implement. Model-specific brackets are available to make mounting fast and easy.

1. Pumps


SurePoint Ag pioneered the use of electromagnetic flow meters in liquid application systems nearly ten years ago. The SurePoint E-Mag meter has no moving parts, which eliminates common failures of most mechanical flow meters. Less downtime means more productivity!

2. E-Mag Flow Meter Technology

Manifold & Distribution

Between the pump and the placement device is the distribution system. Three distribution systems options are Dual Metering Tube, LiquiShift™ (Gen3) or Sentinel™ Row Control. Distribution system includes either Sentinel™ Row Monitor or floating ball flow indicators.

3. Distribution System

Case Out The Back - 307.jpg

Differences in soil conditions with geography and farming practices result in many considerations when selecting the best placement method on your implement. A SurePoint system can be configured to include placement method or to connect to your desired placement device.

4. Placement


Systems include harnessing to connect all components to the rate control platform you are using. SurePoint Electronics, a division of SurePoint Ag, manufactures all our wiring harnesses for maximum reliability. All harnesses are computer tested to ensure correct operation.

5. Harnessing

John Deere 750 - 140.jpg

Planter-mounted tank kits are available for many makes and models of planters, seeders, and applicators. We will work with you to select the right size and style of tank to keep you moving forward with as much productivity as possible!

6. Tanks

Eric Siefka

SurePoint has brought us the ability to provide a complete solution to our customers. You could try to piece together the puzzle and build an application system - go online and buy metering tube and flow meters and all the pieces. Working with SurePoint, the entire system arrives in a box - it’s ready to go. The guys in the shop put it on the planter. If we have any questions, we call one company. That is worth a lot to us."

Eric Siefka, Integrated Solutions Manager

Bader and Sons, Co.
John Deere Dealer, Central Michigan

Application Systems Products

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