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Frame Mounted - ISOBUS Control

ISOBUS Control

New in 2024: GFX controlled via cab display with Reflex ISOBUS platform.

Robust Hydraulic Control

The GFX is a floating arm row cleaner that allows you to control how hard it is pushing on the ground. It has hydraulic down pressure and spring uplift. So when you remove the hydraulic pressure the unit lifts itself out of the ground.

Trailing Arm Design

Trailing arm plus patented hydraulic accumulators greatly reduce vibration and load spikes allowing the row cleaner to stay engaged with the soil resulting in better row cleaning.

Frame Mounted

Toolbar mounting isolates row cleaner movements from the row unit allowing for more consistent seed placement.


Depth Control

The majority of GFX users will buy the system with the depth gauging bands installed on the row cleaner wheels. However with GFX they aren’t strictly necessary. The spring that counter balances the weight of the row cleaner, combined with the trailing arm design, allow the GFX to be run with just the trash wheels.


This can be very advantageous in many No-Till conditions where the thickness of the mat of reside in the field is deeper than the distance from the depth band edge to the tooth of the wheel. In these situations, even if you are pushing very hard on the ground, the depth band can prevent it from getting in deep enough to move the residue.


Move Debris For

Seed Placement.

Wheel Options

Trash wheels move residue away from the row unit allowing the planter discs wheels to run through a clean pathway of dirt. We offer various options for Trash Wheels in different styles and sizes:​

Scissor Wheel.png

Scissor Wheel

Shark Tooth Real.png

SharkTooth® Wheel

14 inch Trash Wheel.png

14” Trash Wheel

12.75 Trash Wheel.png

12.75” Trash Wheels

Shark Tooth Bevel Wheel.png
Shark Tooth Finger Wheel.png
Shark Tooth Wheel.png


Finger Wheel


Bevel Wheel

SharkTooth® Universal

Mount Wheel

Reflex ISOBUS Control Platform

GFX row cleaners use the Reflex ISOBUS platform to control the cab display. Position presets allow for quickly & consistently achieving desired row cleaner performances.



Download a printable handout that provides an overview of the GFX product line and the planter attachment options from SurePoint Ag.

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