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At SurePoint Ag Systems, we pride ourselves on our wide range of distribution solutions based on your needs that will improve your accuracy and efficiency.

Distribution System Options

SurePoint Application Systems are equipped with one of these three manifold and distribution systems, based on your needs:

Never change or clean an orifice again! Simple, reliable, and lowest cost. Each application row is equipped with a dual check valve body connected to two metering tubes. Use the on/off valve to utilize the small tube, the large tube, or both tubes together.

SurePoint’s most popular system. LiquiShift™ utilizes two Metering Tubes and provides the technology to automatically shift between tubes to maintain an optimal system pressure. Compatible with most rate control platforms.

Utilizing the Sentinel E-mag Flow Meter Module, Sentinel Row Control accurately and reliably measures flow to each row and uses the Row Control valve to achieve the desired application rate on an individual row resolution.

Application technologies from competitors require 80 or 100 mesh strainers to ensure the small passages and moving parts of the system function correctly. LiquiShift, Metering Tube, and Sentinel each only require a 20 Mesh Strainer. The 20 Mesh screen has a 385% larger passageway size and 48% more open area than an 80 Mesh screen.

20 Mesh vs 80 Mesh demonstration

Opening -


80 Mesh

20 Mesh

Opening -


20 Mesh. That's All You Need.

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