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SurePoint's complete fertilizer kit.

Get on the fast track with The Accelerator system featuring the SurePoint Commander controller, Arag Ion Flow Meter, The Tower II Pump system, dual tube metering distribution, and tank assembly. The Accelerator is ideal for low volume, in-furrow starter or pop-up applications and is designed for rugged agricultural applications.


Forward Farming

The SurePoint Accelerator system is a complete system featuring the SurePoint Commander II Controller, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, the Tower 200 Pump system, a tank assembly, and row plumbing. The unit comes plumbed for agitation, and an integrated rinse basin makes flushing the system a snap. The Accelerator is ideal for low-volume fertilizer or chemical applications. It can be utilized on the smallest of specialty crop equipment (e.g. vegetables and fruits) as well as small to medium-sized row crop equipment. Available in three tank size options:  55, 110, or 155 gallons.


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SurePoint Mag Meter

Extreme accuracy and fewer problems make the mag meter an integral component of a SurePoint System. The meter has no moving parts which means no wear or jams as is the case with traditional turbinetype flow meters. By measuring ions, the flow calibration is constant, eliminating the need for multiple calibration constants.

Fertilizer Tank

Available in 55, 110 or 155-gallon size, the fertilizer tank is easily integrated into the Tower Pump System. The tank features a flush/ rinse water reservoir in the molded plastic tank base and comes with standard mounting brackets. This integrated tank adds convenience and reliability to the system.

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SurePoint Commander

The perfect compliment to The Accelerator, the Commander II is a highly accurate, very compact automatic rate controller. You’ll get all of the great performance of an Accelerator system, with the simplest controller and wiring harness in the industry. The Commander II can control up to three section valves for manual section control in headland and overlap situations. The Accelerator system is also compatible with most major rate controllers, including John Deere and Ag Leader.

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Garmin GPS Speed Sensor

This pre-calibrated speed sensor requires no operator calibration procedure and is easily installed with an adhesive-backed metal plate and magnetic base. An implement mounted mercury work switch turns the pump off when the planter is raised.


Tower II Pump System

Tower systems are configured with 1 or 2 12-volt electric diaphragm pumps. The pumps are designed for rugged agricultural applications. Both the top and bottom of the motor housing are externally sealed to keep foreign materials out. Enclosed in the motor housing are two moisture-absorbent desiccant bags to absorb condensation moisture, thus reducing rusting of the brushes. Inlet valves are made of sataprene- a long wearing material suited for fertilizer. The Tower II mounts directly to the tank frames in The Accelerator system. When used alone a bar mount adapter is used to mount to the implement.

Upgrade Kits

Type 1- Automatic Control from Manual “Pressure and Speed”

This upgrade includes:

  • The SurePoint Commander II

  • The Accelerator with mag meter

  • Pressure Monitoring and Notification

  • Garmin GPS Speed Sensor

  • Implement Work Switch

Type 2 - Metering Tube Manifold and Distribution System

To reduce problems with plugging at the point-of-orifice upgrade to a Metering Tube manifold and distribution system. Metering tube will increase the size of the orifice opening by nearly three times. The upgrade option does not include any pressuring monitoring or automatic rate control. Due to the importance of maintaining low pressure when applying Black Label products we recommend upgrading to a complete new system for the greatest field reliability.

Support Materials

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