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Closing Wheels

M-Series Closing Wheel System

Closing wheels are an important investment and serve two important purposes: closing the furrow and firming the soil around the seed, both of which help to ensure germination. Choose the wheel that maximizes performance in your planting conditions.

M-Series Hub

M-Series Closing Wheel System allows you to quickly change closing wheels using the best wheel for the specific field conditions. The heavy duty M-Series hub is forged and uses two tapered roller bearings. Once hub is mounted and aligned to v-stle tail piece, wheels are changed in 2 minutes or less per row.



Most aggressive to break sidewall compaction. Unlike straight toothed wheels, the curved finger design eases out of the seed zone while providing consistent seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence.


Combines the sidewall crumbling action of Curvetine® with shoulder to limit how deep the wheel penetrates the soil.


Custom designed rubber profile is flexible to deform and shed sticky soil. Achieves performance of rubber closing wheels with the heavy duty M-Series hub and bearings.



Cast iron wheel for use on M-Series hub.


Or a Combination...

Combine two different wheel types for desired field performance.


Gaugetine wheel configured for use on airseeders. Breaks down sidewall compaction.

Gaugetine for 

Air Seeders

Gauge Ring

Cast Iron ring insert used with existing hub, bearing and rims. Increased durability and wear-life compared to plastic options.



Download a printable document that provides an overview of Application Systems from SurePoint Ag, including Closing Wheels and other planter attachment options.

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