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SurePoint's precision liquid meter.

The SureBatch Precision Liquid Meter pumps and accurately meters liquids to be injected, sprayed, or added to any liquid or dry material. Uses include applying treatments to dry fertilizer, liquid manure, seed treatment, and injecting micro-nutrients in fertilizer batches


Batching Made Simple

The SureBatch comes with 3 operating modes: Batch By Time, Batch by Rate, or Flow Rate Continuous. SureBatch has the ability to store up to 4 different recipes for your application needs, eliminating repetition and saving time. Once a recipe is loaded, the batch can be externally started with a 6-function key-fob remote. With 12V DC and 120V AC options available, the SureBatch is your best choice for all of your batching needs. 

Operating Modes

Batch By Time

Set the total amount of liquid to be pumped (Batch Set Point) and the time for this amount to be pumped (Pump Time). SureBatch will control the flow rate to achieve the entered scenario


Batch by Rate

Set the total amount of liquid to be pumped (Batch Set Point) and the flow rate (Rate Set Point). SureBatch will pump at this rate and stop once the Batch Set Point is achieved.

Flow Rate - Continuous

Set the flow rate (Rate Set Point) for liquid to be pumped at. SureBatch will pump at this flow rate indefinitely.



Meter Gallons or Ounces. Easily and quickly switch between units.

Pump Delay

Set the period of time to delay starting the pumping cycle. After starting the cycle, either on the screen or with the remote, the pump will start after the delay time.


Load up to four present recipes. Select which recipe will be used on the screen or with the remote.

External Start

Start a batch from an external signal.

Valve Operation

Open and close a valve on pump start/stop.

Support Materials

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