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Check out the NEW Dealer Resource Kit with Ready-to-Use Sales Materials!

Greetings to our valued dealers! We are so excited to share yet another big announcement to help our dealers reach their sales goals. After launching the new Web Store last month, we are pleased to fill you in on another valuable tool we’ve been developing behind the scenes. The next roll-out is for a Dealer Resource Kit, complete with all sorts of marketing materials and brand assets your team can use to educate your customers about SurePoint products. Videos, social media graphics, handout materials, signage, and more – all bundled in an organized, easy-to-use digital file you can access at any time.

Resources Included in the Kit:

• Social Media Graphics and Captions • Video Content for Social Media and Website Usage • Print-Ready Sales and Marketing Materials • Print-Ready Banner Designs for Showrooms and Trade Shows • Product Images • SurePoint Logos and Product Logos • And More!


A Work in Progress…

The SurePoint Dealer Resource Kit is a living file, and will continue to grow and evolve as products change and new photos are available. We will be adding new resources several times per year, so save this email and link for future reference. This is a great tool to forward to your marketing department! If your team needs specific marketing resources that you aren’t seeing in the downloadable file, we may still be able to help. Email us with your ideas and we will work on assisting you wherever we can. We appreciate your partnership with SurePoint Ag!


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