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SurePoint Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SurePoint way.

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Don't take it from us; check out some of the testimonials we've gotten over the years. SurePoint is the name you can trust for smarter farming.

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The best application equipment on the market for planters by far. If you need to apply liquid fertilizer, they're the best. Great company!



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Frame mounted. ISOBUS controlled. The GFX is a floating arm row cleaner that allows you to control how hard it is pushing on the ground. It has hydraulic down pressure and spring uplift. So when you remove the hydraulic pressure the unit lifts itself out of the ground. Trailing arm plus patented hydraulic accumulators greatly reduce vibration and load spikes allowing the row cleaner to stay engaged with the soil resulting in better row cleaning.

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2-Day Technical Trainings

Three Topics to Choose From in Multiple Locations!

SurePoint Ag is excited to offer a series of 2-day technical training sessions for dealers this fall! These hands-on trainings will be focused on SurePoint Application Systems and QuickDraw Spray Tender Systems and geared toward Technicians, Precision Ag & Integrated Solutions Staff, Sales People, and any other Personnel who desire a high level of knowledge regarding our systems.

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Our business has grown significantly over the last fifteen years, and we are projected to continue serving even more producers across the globe in the coming years. We have numerous opportunities for exciting career growth in almost all departments. SurePoint Ag Systems is committed to being a long-term economic engine in Rawlins County, and we invite you to come grow with us!

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