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Testing Your SurePoint Electromagnetic Flowmeter

All SurePoint pumps are paired with an electromagnetic flowmeter; these devices are designed to ensure the rate of flow of fertilizer, or other product, passing through SurePoint pumps is distributed at the correct flow. These meters allow for extreme accuracy and fewer problems, making them an integral component of a SurePoint system. Unlike a traditional turbine-type meter, the electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts to wear or jam. The liquid is measured as it flows through the inner tube between two electrodes. The beauty of these flowmeters is once the meter has been calibrated, it will be accurate for any other conductive liquid, without the need for recalibration as the density or viscosity of the product changes.

In the image at the top, you can see the SurePoint electromagnetic flowmeter on a Tower 110 system. As you begin preparing for spring season with your new SurePoint Ag pump, you’ll need to test your SurePoint flowmeter to ensure it’s calibrated and ready to hit the fields. To test your flowmeter, please follow these steps with the help of this illustrated guide:

  • Check for constant 12 V power on the harness that connects to the flowmeter. (Need power and ground wire— B & C (1&2)—Constant 12-13 V-check with voltmeter) Should have 4-5 volts between Signal and Ground. (Commander II and other MicroTrak controllers have 9V signal to ground)

  • Must get pulse signal from flowmeter back to controller. Do a Tap Test.

    • Set the flow calibration in the display to 1.

    • Hold one end of a wire on Pin A (3). Tap other end of wire repeatedly on Pin C (1). Does a flow register on the display?

    • Reset the flow cal on the display when finished with the tap test.

    • If either #1 or #2 above fails, go the next harness connection closer to the controller. Check for voltage there or do a tap test there to locate the harness where the problem is.

    • If a bad harness is found, do a continuity check on the wires in that harness to determine which wire is bad.

Please note: There are a few chemicals that have very low electrical conductivity that the electromagnetic flowmeter will not measure. Fertilizer products are generally not in this category.

Additional flowmeter care: Please do not power wash the flowmeter. High pressure spray directed at the back edge of the faceplate or at the wire connector may allow water into the flowmeter electronics, which can disrupt the charge, and thus the flow. Furthermore, before doing any arc welding on the implement, unplug the cable to the flowmeter, or damage to the flowmeter may result.

Beginning in late 2016, SurePoint flowmeters are now fitted in a black body with an orange label. It is the same electromagnetic flowmeter as before, but with a 3-pin AMP SuperSeal connector on the side of the flowmeter.

For complete product information and set-up, please refer to the product manual for your system. Manuals for each SurePoint Ag product can be found on the Support Site. If further issues persist, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help and happy to do so!

Stay tuned! We’ll have more helpful pre-season prep tips and ideas from the SurePoint Ag team on the blog and the SurePoint Ag Facebook page.


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