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Pre-Season Prep – Start with Water!

Spring is barreling down on us and chances are you’re in the thick of pre-season prep work in order to hit the ground running for planting and fertilization. As you begin to set up and test your SureFire Ag products, we recommend you begin testing with water first.

Using water, as opposed to fertilizer, in your initial set-up is crucial to test for leaks. Depending on the system you are running, there can be hundreds of fittings, clamps, and other potential exit points that may need to be addressed before you begin using the system in the field with product.

Tighten all hose clamps and push the tube in every QuickConnect fitting. Loose clamps or improperly seated QuickConnects may not always show up as leaks, but they can be a source of air getting into the system. Air in the system can cause unstable flowmeter readings and can contribute to check valves not holding.

Using water first also gives you a chance to make sure all of the electronic components are reading proper flow. If there are any leaks or issues in flow monitoring, it is easy to drain the water and make any necessary fixes to ensure you’re ready to effectively fertilize this spring.

Using water in your pre-season testing first is important:

  • Safety – If there is a leak or another issue, it’s easy and safe to clean up water.

  • Cost-Effective – If for any reason there is a leak or a need to drain the tanks, you will not be wasting valuable fertilizer product by doing so.

  • Pressure and Valve Checks – Setting up your system and testing with water will give you an opportunity to check all valves and fittings to ensure they are properly sealed and make sure the pressure sensors and flow meters are working properly before you’re in the middle of a fertilization job.

As you’re testing, please keep in mind the pressure may be less than it will be when using a fertilizer product. Fertilizer is much thicker than water, therefore the pressure you see when the actual product is in the system, will be higher, depending on the type of fertilizer you are applying.

When testing with water, address any leaks and flow issues you may encounter. To troubleshoot please refer to the SurePoint Ag Support Site and the SurePoint Blog for more help.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer or the SurePoint Ag team for help, we’re happy to troubleshoot with you to ensure your products are running as smoothly and optimally as possible.

Stay tuned on the blog and the SurePoint Ag Facebook page for more helpful pre-season prep tips and ideas from the SurePoint Ag team.


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