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Distribution Systems Part 1 - Manual Dual Tube

At SurePoint Ag, we strive to be the experts in precision fertilizer application. That means not only providing expert advice to our customers, but also real-world solutions that are applicable to a wide range of liquid application scenarios. In this series of articles, we will be exploring the three Distribution Systems available for our Liquid Application Systems.

Dual Metering Tube

While we at SurePoint seek to be pioneers in the age of modern fertilizer application, we also understand that some growers are looking for a simple, yet effective, solution for liquid fertilizer. For this reason, we continue to offer our manual, dual tube setup, as it is one of our best sellers. This simply involves plumbing from our flow indicators to a set of dual check valves and running a single metering tube out of each. Having the dual check valves and dual metering tubes allow you to utilize the capacity and rate range of either a larger or smaller metering tube by itself, or both tubes. It also allows for moderate flow changes, from 3-7 mph, depending on how your tube is sized.

To better understand the advantages of the dual tube, consider the flow capacity of each tube. For those unfamiliar with metering tube, they act in the same way that traditional orifices would, only with larger inside diameter as they spread the flow restriction out over 8-foot lengths. They also have different colors with different inside diameters that are designed for different flow rates. For example, if we know that a blue tube allows us to run 2-5 gallons of a product at 4-6 mph, and the green tube allows us to run 4-7 gallons of that same product at 4-6 mph, then we have a total rate range of 2-12 gallons on this set up. Therefore, if we are running 2-5 gallons, we simply twist open the cap on the check valves with the blue tube and twist down the caps on the check valve with the green tube. This opens the blue tube and closes the green. Conversely, if you are looking for the 4-7 gallon range, open the green and close the blue. And if you need to be in the 7-12 gallon range, open both tubes.

This distribution system gives the ability to change flow rates with the simple twist of a cap, and avoids the messy process of changing orifices. Additionally, both caps can be twisted shut to turn off the entire row. This is helpful when setting up systems on interplant planters. This way, you can run the 15-inch rows when planting beans and other crops, and shut off those interplant rows to only run the 30-inch rows when planting corn or other crops on 30-inch spacing. All the interplant rows can be shut-off with the simple twist of a cap.

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