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SurePoint Celebrates Grand Opening of New Innovation Center in Manhattan, KS

Manhattan, KS -- SurePoint Ag Systems, a leader in the agriculture industry, is pleased to announce the grand opening of the SurePoint Innovation Center in Manhattan, Kansas. The manufacturing and technology company was first opened in 2007 in Atwood, Kansas and has since grown to over 100 employees. The SurePoint Innovation Center is located in the K-State Office Park in the The Edge District at 1880 Kimball Avenue on the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kansas.

During the grand opening celebration on Thursday, June 1, 2023, numerous members of the SurePoint Ag team gathered with K-State faculty and officials from the State of Kansas to share their vision for this new facility. "We have three main objectives for the Innovation Center. We hope this will be an attractive location for full time talent. We also hope it creates a talent pipeline for KSU students. With plans to expand our internships to include part time work near campus, this will allow us to help mentor students who are studying mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, and other related fields," said SurePoint Ag President Josh Wolters. "And finally, we hope to partner with the university and faculty for research and development projects, or other growth opportunities."

As of the grand opening, the SurePoint Innovation Center houses three full time employees and one part time intern, with additional office space ready to use as those staff numbers increase in the coming months.

"Our company is really in the business of technology. Our innovative solutions for managing fertilizer application, automated mixing and batching of sprayer chemical, and fertigation with accuracy and reliability are what set us apart," said Albert Popp, Engineering Manager for SurePoint Ag Systems. "To continue growing and innovating as we have been the last sixteen years, recruiting and retaining top talent is key to our success. We are excited to have this presence on the K-State campus, and to provide meaningful and exciting career opportunities for engineers and software developers now and in the future."

SurePoint Ag Systems is based in Atwood, Kansas with a growing dealer network all across the United States and around the globe. In March 2022, the company entered into a joint venture with John Deere and continues to grow its reach and its industry impact with new products and additional technology that improves producer efficiency and profitability. "It is obvious from the conversations with faculty members that attended today’s grand opening, that the opportunity for collaboration exists in a significant way," said Matt Wolters, SurePoint Ag Product Manager. "We are optimistic about the future of the ag industry, and are committed to being at the forefront of that innovation."


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