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SurePoint Ag Recognizes Summer Interns in Engineering Department

SurePoint Ag Engineering Internship Program

Each summer, SurePoint Ag selects a hand full of individuals who have either recently graduated High School or are already attending college that are interested in the field of agriculture.

This summer, five interns were selected, with four working in the Atwood, Kansas office and one in the SurePoint Innovation Center in Manhattan, Kansas. "Our interns got to work on special projects for the engineering department, while learning more about business practices, product development, and software programs," says Albert Popp, Engineering Department Manager. "They also got to assist with day-to-day functions of the growing engineering department at SurePoint Ag Systems and their sister company, SurePoint Electronics. We love getting to mentor young students and show them the ropes. A lot of interns end up working full time for us after they graduate."

Mateo Lisk, Electrical Engineering Intern

Electrical Engineering Intern, Mateo Lisk, is from Harveyville, Kansas. He is currently attending college, with plans to graduate next semester with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. This is Lisk's second internship with SurePoint and he was very excited to come back to work in a great environment, doing what he loves, with great people. He hopes to expand his knowledge in designing and manufacturing electronics, alongside learning how to develop software for electronics as well. What he has enjoyed most thus far in his internship experience is the friendliness of his coworkers, along with being able to design electronics. His career goals upon completion of his education, would ideally be to secure a job working for SurePoint Ag. or a job similar in this field. He also plans to work abroad after graduation in Australia for about 6 months to a year. In Mateo's free time, you can find him playing frisbee golf, listening to vinyl's and cassettes, hiking, kayaking, learning about plants, and fixing up old electronics. Lisk has a cat named Han and a dog named Obi.

Alex Fields, Mechanical Engineering Intern

Alex Fields, Mechanical Engineering Intern from Atwood, Kansas graduated from High School this past spring. He hopes to obtain a Metallurgical Engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Fields said he is familiar with SurePoint as it is right in his hometown. He hopes to learn the processes of being an engineer and the ins and outs of the life of an engineer. He is enjoying designing things on the computer, as well as building them out in the shop. He hopes to get a career in his field of study and eventually obtain his Professional Engineer License.

Brady Feldman, Mechanical Engineering Intern

Mechanical Engineering Intern, Brady Feldman, originally from Shawnee, Kansas is completing his internship at the Atwood location. Feldman graduated High School from St. Academy in Lenexa and is currently working towards his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at K-State. Brady first learned about SurePoint at the K-State Career Fair and felt the company was down to Earth ad more personable than other explored companies. He has enjoyed the overall support from the team and feels like everyone is working together as a team to solve a problem, rather than just telling you what to do or giving you the answer. He is surprised at how second nature the computer design process has become after the initial struggle of learning a new program. He is more confident with the system, where to locate tools, and how he has become efficient in his designs. His career goal after he has completed his education is to work for a company where he can continue learning more about the vast subject of engineering and provide beneficial work and ideas for that company to be able to grow. Feldman enjoys playing football, tennis, and basketball, as well as watching all varieties of sports on TV in his free time. Brady comes from a family of seven.

Johnny Eberhart, Mechanical Engineering Intern

Johnny Eberhart, Mechanical Engineering Intern, is from Louisburg, Kansas. He graduated from High School and will be going into his Junior year of college at Kansas State University this fall. Eberhart was drawn to SurePoint's program for their innovation and high-tech solutions for farmers. His favorite part of his internship has been the real-life application, working on real products that will be put into production. He enjoys getting to use his hands and build products that he has designed in the shop. He mentions that the SurePoint Ag team has been great, as has made the work fun and easy when you have great people making great things happen. He has been surprised by how much he has accomplished in such a short time, with SurePoint truly teaching him "how to be an efficient and effective engineer." His career goals involve finding an innovative company that he can help push to the best of their abilities. Outside of school and work, Johnny enjoys golfing, water sports, and wakeboarding.

Kenneth Micek, Mechanical Engineering Intern

Mechanical Engineering Intern, Kenneth Micek is from Atwood, Kansas just recently graduating High School this past spring. He is an incoming freshman at Kansas State University planning to major in Mechanical Engineering. This is Micek's second summer internship with SurePoint Ag. He hopes to gain more experience from others in the same field and feels both internships have prepared him for college. He enjoys the fun and friendly people the most at SurePoint. After college, he plans to return to the Atwood area to find a job where he can put his major to use. Kenneth comes from a family of seven and enjoys playing baseball, wrestling, football, and golf in his free time. You can also find him working on old cars and fixing things in his free time.

Congratulations to all of our interns who have dedicated their time to this program and have invested in their future! Thank you for choosing SurePoint Ag Systems for your internship. We look forward to cheering you on in your future endeavors. Anyone interested in learning more about available careers or internship opportunities can follow SurePoint Ag on social media, or visit


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