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SurePoint Ag Breaks Ground on New Sales & Production Center in Northwest Kansas

Atwood, KansasOn May 8, 2024 local government officials and leaders in the agriculture industry gathered in Rawlins County, Kansas for the groundbreaking of a new Sales & Production Center for SurePoint Ag Systems. This marks a significant milestone in the manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to innovation and rural economic development. The project, which will more than double the footprint of the existing facility, will be located on the SurePoint campus four miles north of Atwood, Kansas next to Highway 25.


Matt Wolters Product and Marketing Manager SurePoint Ag Systems
Matt Wolters, Product & Marketing Manager

“After a decade of growth and expansion throughout the U.S., we entered into an inflection point of growth for this organization,” said Product and Marketing Manager, Matt Wolters. “Just over two years ago, we began planning for what we’re doing today. We knew we were short on space.”

The new space will house production, marketing, and the sales support organization. Cedric Green, Manufacturing Engineer, is overseeing the multi-million dollar investment, and expressed during the ceremony the company’s gratitude for the project design and management teams.

Miles Keaton, SurePoint Ag Systems Chairman of the Board
Miles Keaton, Board Chairman

“Great projects like this don’t happen without a great team! We wouldn't be celebrating here today if it weren't for our wonderful customers and dealers, a lot of dedicated SurePoint employees, and some very supportive members of the Atwood community,” said Miles Keaton, Chairman of the Board for SurePoint Ag Systems. “We appreciate everyone who has played a role in SurePoint’s success that’s led to this expansion.”


SurePoint was founded in 2007 and began with a handful of employees and has since grown to employ over 100 Atwood-based employees in addition to several remote employees that serve dealers in territories throughout the U.S. and beyond. The expansion will bring opportunities to hire additional staff to continue to grow the community, its schools, and the tax base.

Josh Wolters President SurePoint Ag Systems
Josh Wolters, President of SurePoint Ag Systems

President and CEO Josh Wolters shared about the heart of the company and goals for the future of SurePoint Ag, “Getting to come to work with this team is what makes this job rewarding. We wouldn’t be here celebrating this new building if it weren’t for the people we have on board. The new building will allow us to take care of that team better, improve some working conditions, and continue to grow and add more people when needed.”


He continued, “This new building will not build better products, it won’t build a single relationship, and it won’t serve as a leader in our community. Only SurePoint’s people can do all of those things. It’s the people who have brought us here, and it’s the people who will continue to deliver on SurePoint’s mission going forward.”


About SurePoint Ag Systems


SurePoint Ag Systems was founded in 2007 and has since become a leader in ag tech, delivering accurate and reliable fertilizer application systems, spray tender systems, irrigation injection systems, and a variety of planter row attachments to producers around the globe through a growing network of dealers. Learn more at


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