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New 2-Day Technical Trainings Available this Fall for SurePoint Ag Dealers

At SurePoint Ag Systems, we are proud to offer Dealer Technical Trainings each year. Several new sessions have been scheduled in three different locations for the fall of 2022, taking place in Denver, Colorado; Salina, Kansas; and Grand Island, Nebraska.

These sessions will focus on SurePoint Application Systems, QuickDraw Spray Tender Systems, and NH3 Systems covering everything from understanding the system and its components, to setup and operation, as well as diagnosing and troubleshooting. Anyone working as a technician, in precision ag, or in ag sales will find these sessions invaluable.

Cost is $250 per person per session, but dealers can snag a $100 discount by registering before October 5, 2022.

Register from the Dealer Toolbox today:

Or learn more about the trainings here:

We can’t wait to see you there! Be sure to contact your SurePoint sales rep with any questions or to get more details.


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