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2024 Early Order Program is Now Open

The Best Time to Order is EARLY!

Lots of New Products & Features to Tell Your Customers About

SurePoint Ag's Early Order Program (EOP) is officially open for Model Year 2024! Not only does EOP give you a great reason to visit with producers about buying early, you can also provide even more value with a 5% discount on complete system orders placed before August 31st.

With new products and lots of new features, there are so many things to visit with your customers about. If you attended one of our EOP Kickoff sessions, you may remember many of the details below. But just in case, we've provided some highlights of these new things to know about, as well as convenient links to watch the EOP Kickoff recording if you want more detail.

1. New Features of Sentinel & LiquiShift

Sentinel Rate Control
  • 4-Product Control (Liquid PWM or NH3 Rate Control)

  • Optional Row Monitoring for Both Liquid or NH3

  • Setup Wizard to Guide Users through Startup

  • No Unlock Fees for Full ECU Functionality (must have Sentinel Update Kit to load free software from our Support Site)

  • Nozzle Test and Catch Test for Fine Tuning

Sentinel Row Monitor
  • Monitor Up to 120 Rows (Split Between Multiple Products)

  • Standard Flow Meter Module (0.1-2 GPM)

  • High Flow Meter Module (0.3-5 GPM)

LiquiShift Gen3
  • Expanded Capabilities Up to 48 Sections

  • Simplified Plumbing

  • ZIP Valve at Every Row

  • Narrower Section Resolution

  • Eliminate Spring Diaphragm Check Valves

  • Positive Shut-Off of Each Row

  • Even Greater Row-to-Row Accuracy


2. Near Factory Installation Now Available

New Option for Planters Coming from Moline Plant

For new John Deere planters coming from the Moline, IL plant for MY24, we are now offering near-factory installs at a third party location by a contract installation team.

  • Available for 1775NT and 1795 Planters Only for MY24

  • SurePoint Systems will be an Available Option on John Deere Build & Price (Select Option Code 9961 - SurePoint Ag System Install)

  • Two Invoices for Every Planter Sold - One from Moline Planter Factory, and One from SurePoint for Fertilizer System and Freight

  • SurePoint will Need your COMAR# from Planter Order

  • Advanced and Highly Customized Systems May not be Available for Near Factory Installation Option

SurePoint's Field Installation teams will continue to provide installation service to dealers in a select area as they have in previous years. We value the loyalty of our long-term customers, and will work with you to provide some opportunity to utilize the near-factory installation service, while still completing many installations at your location. Install pricing will be the same regardless of install location.


3. New GFX Hydraulic Row Cleaners

The Latest Product Rollout for MY24

In case you missed our big announcement email last week, we have some new products available to our dealers and their customers. GFX Hydraulic Row Cleaners will be available for the coming model year, with more products in development for the new Planter Attachments product line. You can find more information about that in the EOP Kickoff Video, or on our website.


4. New GFX Hydraulic Row Cleaners

Any of our dealers can go to to use the Build & Price Tool. If you haven't registered with us to get a login account for the Support Site, be sure to do so! The Build & Price Tool is locked and only available for registered dealers who are logged in.

As of right now, this new tool is only set up for John Deere planters with single product application on 30" rows. However, this still may come in handy for other brands with a 30" row configuration who just need a ballpark price to start a conversation with a producer. Once your customer is ready to place their order, you can also submit the order through the Build & Price Tool if you choose. Our team will then review the order for accuracy before it gets sent into production.

If the submitted order is off by 2% or less, SurePoint Ag Systems will absorb the difference and keep the order moving. If the order is off by more than 2%, our team will contact you to adjust the quoted price.

If you missed the EOP Training and aren't sure where to start with the new Build & Price Tool, our team has prepared a couple of helpful tutorial videos that you can access on the Support Site. There is also a slide deck with a walk-through of how to build a quote.

For other brands of planters, or equipment that has a different row spacing, have no worries. We still offer our convenient 'Request a Quote' form online that is fast and easy to use. Once you fill out the form, our Sales team will get back to you with a quote you can show your customer as quickly as possible.


5. Advantages of Ordering During EOP

5% Savings

EOP lets your customer (or your dealership) score an extra 5% discount on top of the standard dealer discount, and you can choose whether your company passes that savings on to your customer, or retains that in-house for additional profit margin.

Avoid Delays

Orders placed during EOP help ensure the application system is ready when the planter arrives, and it also helps avoid any unnecessary supply chain issues.


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