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2023 Early Order Program (EOP) is Now Open

The Best Time to Order is Early!

Our 2023 Early Order Program (EOP) is Now Open as of June 1, 2022 and will remain open until August 31, 2022. And we've got new tools to make it even easier for our dealers to sell application systems to their producers. Not only does EOP give you a great reason to visit with producers about buying early, you can also provide even more value with a 5% discount on complete system orders placed before August 31st. We're thrilled to have some fabulous new tools available to our dealers this year to make the sales process even easier. You can see the terms of this year's EOP Program in the Overview Document, available for download from the Dealer Resource Kit.

Advantages of Ordering During EOP

  • 5% Savings - EOP lets your customer (or your dealership) score an extra 5% discount on top of the standard dealer discount, and you can choose whether your company passes that savings on to your customer, or retains that in-house for additional profit margin.

  • Avoid Delays - Orders placed during EOP help ensure the application system is ready when the planter arrives, and it also helps avoid any unnecessary supply chain issues.

NEW Build & Price Tool Now Available!

Create a Custom Quote for Your Customer Online 24/7/365

As you may have learned if you were able to join one of our Virtual EOP Sales Trainings last week, we have an exciting new quoting tool that can provide instant pricing for certain types of planter configurations. The all new Build & Price Tool makes it easier and more convenient for dealers to prepare a quote on a liquid application system for certain customers depending on their needs.

Advantages of Using the NEW Build & Price Tool:

  • Instantly Updates Pricing as You Configure the System

  • Allows You to Sit Down with Customer in Real Time and Look at Different Options

  • Helps You as the Dealer Avoid Delays Waiting on SurePoint Sales Team to Draft a Quote

Any of our dealers can go to to use the new Build & Price Tool. Currently, this redirects to our Support Site where the tool is being hosted. Eventually, the toolbox will have even more cool features (more on that later!). If you haven't registered with us to get a login account for the Support Site, be sure to do so! The Build & Price Tool is locked and only available for registered dealers who are logged into the site.

As of right now, this new tool is only set up for John Deere planters with single product application on 30" rows. However, this still may come in handy for other brands with a 30" row configuration who just need a ballpark price to start a conversation with a producer. Once your customer is ready to place their order, you can also submit the order through the Build & Price Tool if you choose. Our team will then review the order for accuracy before it gets sent into production.

If the submitted order is off by 2% or less, SurePoint Ag Systems will absorb the difference and keep the order moving. If the order is off by more than 2%, our team will contact you to adjust the quoted price.

If you missed the EOP Training and aren't sure where to start with the new Build & Price Tool, our team has prepared a couple of helpful tutorial videos that you can access on the Support Site. There is also a slide deck with a walk-through of how to build a quote.

For other brands of planters, or equipment that has a different row spacing, have no worries. We still offer our convenient 'Request a Quote' form online that is fast and easy to use. Once you fill out the form, our Sales team will get back to you with a quote you can show your customer as quickly as possible.

Download Our Sales Guide to Make it Even Easier to Talk With Customers

Last year, we launched a brand new Sales Guide that not only explains how our systems work as a whole, but offers in-depth looks at each of our core product lines in the fertilizer application space. This complete catalog is a handy resource to give out to your customers, or to pull up on your screen to review digitally during a sales conversation. You can also email it electronically to your customer as a follow-up. You can download an electronic PDF for viewing or sharing in just a few clicks from our Dealer Resource Kit. Or, your company can order printed copies of the Sales Guide to keep in your showroom. To have high quality printed copies shipped to your store, visit the SurePoint Web Store.


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