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Tim McFee

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Office: 785-626-3670

Tim McFee

GM - SurePoint Electronics

Tim McFee has been with SurePoint since 2015. He worked on the assembly floor and was a supervisor before becoming the GM at SPE. He worked in a wide variety of other businesses before coming to SurePoint, including construction, trucking, and bookkeeping. Tim enjoys the fun atmosphere at SurePoint, even though business always comes first.

Tim grew up on a farm, operating Case 930s. He first ran a combine at 8 years old. Tim and his wife Hope have four children. Tim takes an active interest in his children and considers their hobbies his hobbies. He also coaches wrestling and is a local Boy Scout leader, the latter for which he has won the Silver Beaver Award. Tim also has a vintage Tonka Toy collection of over one hundred pieces.

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