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Michelle Stevens

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Michelle Stevens

Accounts Payable

Michelle has been working at SurePoint Ag since 2012. Before coming to SurePoint, Michelle worked in retail, education, and banking. Michelle has a background in agriculture, as she grew up on a farm and has worked for several Grain Co-Ops. Michelle enjoys the relaxed, yet productive, work environment that SurePoint provides. She appreciates the company trips to nearby cities, and the practical jokes that the employees are constantly playing on each other.

Michelle was born and raised in Rawlins County but lived elsewhere for over 30 years. She has enjoyed small-town living since being back in Atwood. She has 2 grown children, Stefanie and Sean. Stefanie is an actress in Kansas City, MO. Sean works at SurePoint Electronics. She is an alumnus of Fort Hays State University. In her free time, Michelle enjoys reading, photography, and travel. Her goal is to visit all 50 states. A very interesting fact about Michelle, she was held up in a bank robbery and was able to aid the police in apprehending the robber.

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