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Matt Wolters

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Matt Wolters

Product & Marketing Manager

Matt is one of the founders of SurePoint Ag who helped start the company in 2007. Prior to co-founding SurePoint Ag, he worked at JD Skiles. He appreciates the “get-it-done” attitude of the employees at SurePoint. He also loves seeing diverse parts of the country and the wide variety of agricultural production across the United States. One of his best memories with SurePoint is the first time the company had a booth at the National Farm Machinery Show.

Matt grew up on his family’s farm and always knew he wanted to be involved in agriculture. After graduating from Atwood High School, he attended Kansas State University. He and his wife, Donnie, have two children (Henry and Elise). Matt is notorious for his ability to cook and is a master behind a barbecue grill or smoker. He enjoys hobby farming on his family’s ground and can also be found spending time with family and friends at Kansas State University football games. EMAW!

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