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Justin Davis

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785-626-3670 ext. 107

Justin Davis

Fertilizer App Product Manager

Justin has been with SurePoint Ag since 2008. He enjoys working with the young, energetic group at SurePoint and considers a number of co-workers to be close friends. When asked about his favorite memory, Justin replied, “I won first place at Unser Karting in Denver on one of our sale retreats. I beat out Andrew on the last lap to take first place and he was fairly upset about it.”

Justin is originally from Iowa, where he grew up helping on a family farm. After high school, he went on to graduate from Iowa State University, where he became a Cyclones fan. He jokes that he’s only one of three Cyclone fans in Northwest Kansas. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three boys (Mason, Logan, and Paxton). In his free time, he enjoys watching the Denver Broncos, camping, fishing, and pheasant or deer hunting with family and friends.

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