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SureFire Ag Support

Thank you for your interest in a
SurePoint Application System!

We appreciate the opportunity to help John Deere dealers solve problems for their producer customers and bring reliable and accurate solutions in a variety of settings. Browse the page below to get an overview of SurePoint product categories available to you as a John Deere dealer for Near-Factory Installation. If you have any questions, or want more information about getting set up to offer these products to your customers, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we'll follow up soon!

  • Optional session on the afternoon of day 2 for those desiring specific training on NH3 systems.

We latched onto SurePoint because their systems solved a lot of the problems that growers were having from a row plugging standpoint, a maintenance standpoint, and a reliability and accuracy standpoint.


The thing that keeps us working with SurePoint is how easy they make it. We don’t have to have a sales team who are experts in application systems, all we have to do is answer a few questions from the grower, relay it to the team at SurePoint, and they build the entire system and give us a quote. That’s a win in our book.

Dick Muhlbeier

General Manager, Precision Ag

RDO Equipment Co.


The Process

We have developed a seamless and efficient process for installing SurePoint Application Systems on new planters through our partnership with John Deere. The process follows the steps below:


Order Planter

As you order your planter, select Build & Price code 9961 / 9962 to indicate that you'd like to add solutions from SurePoint Ag.


Build Your System

Work with us to quote the specifics of your system. Once approved, place the order and provide SurePoint with the COMAR#.


Near-Factory Installation

After assembly at the John Deere factory, planter is transferred to a near-factory facility, where SurePoint system is installed.


Planter Ships
to You!

Once the SurePoint Application System has been installed on the planter, it is shipped directly to your dealership!

A Complete System

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