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SurePoint Ag Systems was founded in 2007 to help producers become more efficient by applying the right product, in the right place, at the right rate. 


In August of 2007, SurePoint Ag Systems was founded by Blaine Ginter, Josh Wolters, and Matt Wolters. At the time, ag technology was on the rise, and with it, came the opportunity to help producers more precisely apply their chosen field inputs. SurePoint was created to aid producers with the technology they needed to apply the right product, in the right place, at the perfect rate.

By 2008, SurePoint had seven full and part-time employees. The warehouse was a 1950s steel building and the office was in a 1930s farmhouse located on the same farmstead. The method for business growth was immediate sales since the founders were the only investors at the time. As SurePoint began building relationships with customers, they saw tremendous growth within five years. In 2011, they moved into a new warehouse and in the spring of 2012, they moved their office space as well. Since then, they have expanded their buildings and have added an engineering team. Their teams now reside in a 5000-square-foot building with space for their office, lab, and test engineering.


Since 2014, SurePoint Ag has released six products for their producers. Many of SurePoint’s products have been designed to be foundational technologies that can be built upon. Their QuickDraw Fully Automated Spray Tender System quickly became a core product after its release in 2014. In the same year, LiquiShift was introduced. In 2016, Marksman was launched and the following year, Sentinel ISOBUS Liquid Row Monitoring was released. Following the Sentinel launch, two new products came along, Sentinel Rate Control (2020), and Sentinel Row Control (a 2021 limited release).


Over the years, SurePoint has continued to grow, introduce new technology, and become a name known in the ag industry. In 2022, SurePoint Ag Systems joined John Deere in a joint venture. Since its inception, SurePoint Ag has been focused on ag innovation and adding technology that helps producers boost efficiency and effectiveness, making them a great partner for John Deere.


As of December 2022, SurePoint Ag Systems employs more than 70 full-time employees and numerous seasonal workers. Its sister company, SurePoint Electronics, also employs an additional 29 full-time employees. SurePoint Ag Systems ships products all across North America, as well as internationally.

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  • Provide farmers custom, compatible, complete solutions for the application of crop inputs.

  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, dealers, and vendors.

  • Be a long-term economic engine in Rawlins County.

  • Serve as leaders in our communities.

  • We accomplish our mission as a high-performance team.


SurePoint Ag Systems, a trusted national brand known for our expertise, quality products, and superior service.

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