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M.Y. 2025 EOP Kick-Off

The Best Time to Order is Early!


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We invite all our dealers to join us for EOP Kick-Off for Model Year 2025, with three virtual meeting options at 10 a.m. CDT each morning May 14-16. These sessions are quick and convenient, jam-packed with information in a concise format. Our goal is to help your team better understand our products so you can increase sales and better serve your customers! These sessions are free and available to anyone affiliated with our SurePoint Dealers

What We're Covering

• New Liquid Application System Features Available for M.Y. 2025
• Expanded Sentinel Product Line
• Marketing Resources Available to SurePoint Dealers

• New Dealer Onboarding Series Available Online
• Instructions on How to Participate in the Early Order Program (EOP)

Join the Training on Microsoft Teams!

Check Your Email For the Meeting Link

Join our virtual training via Microsoft Teams. As the event approaches, we'll send out an email with more details and the link to join the meeting at 10 a.m. CDT on May 14-16. If there are people from our organization that you'd like to add to our email list, email and we'll make sure they get added!

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