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Rick Heard

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Rick Heard

Southeast Territory Manager

Rick has worked at SurePoint Ag since 2009 and is the Southeastern Territory Manger. Rick considers the staff at SurePoint to be the most amazing team he has ever worked with in his 40+ years working in agriculture. He previously worked at Dicky-John and Apache. He enjoys all the memories he makes at the annual sales retreat. The most memorable was the time the group went “tubing” in a canal that was barley deep enough to be considered a stream.

After graduating from high school, Rick attended Auburn University. Rick has been married for over 49 years and has three children and three grandchildren. Rick has been a certified pilot for 48 years, having logged well over three thousand hours in the air. He owns several of his own ventures, one of which is Advanced Ag Systems, a leader in VRI Technology. He considers himself an avid angler and enjoys any kind of water activity.

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