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Jason Bergling

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Office: 785-626-3670

Jason Bergling

Director of Operations

Jason has been with SurePoint Ag since 2009, so he has seen much of the company’s progress. He currently serves as the company’s purchasing agent and helps with tech support. Jason marveled at how his co-workers would go above and beyond to help get SurePoint off the ground in the company’s infant stages. Jason feels as though his co-workers still carry a can-do attitude as they grow with the company. He also appreciates the progressive software tools that SurePoint utilizes.

Jason grew up around his grandparents' farming and trenching operations near Herndon, Kansas. He graduated high school in Herndon, then went on to work as a project manager for Redhawk Industries and then as a Senior Analyst for Westlake Hardware before coming to SurePoint.
Jason and his wife Narmina enjoy traveling, kayaking, and other outdoor activities in their free time. Jason is also an enthusiastic fan of live music.

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