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Brandon Barnhart

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Office: 785-626-3670

Brandon Barnhart

Production Center Manager

Brandon has worked at SurePoint Ag since 2011. Prior to that, he worked in the restaurant industry where he opened and oversaw operations in a variety of companies all over the midwest. He enjoys working at SurePoint, where he is surrounded by intelligent and fun people who work together in a team environment. He has been a part of many different teams in his career and believes what SurePoint has is unique.

Brandon grew up around agriculture, as his grandparents on both sides were farmers in Northwest Kansas. He and his family live in Atwood, KS. His hobbies include going to concerts, golfing, kayaking, hiking, and bike riding. He is also a multi-instrumentalist. He has performed with famous 90’s rock band, Days of the New, and one of the local favorite Texas bands, Shane Smith and the Saints.

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