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SurePoint application and control systems are fully compatible with the new John Deere Rate Controller 2000, introduced in 2016. In addition to our compatible application systems with SurePoint PumpRight, Tower, LiquiShift, Spartan, Torpedo, and more, SurePoint manufactures a complete line of wiring harnesses for the JDRC 2000. The JDRC 2000 can control up to 5 products and SurePoint will provide the right harnessing you need for your number and combination of products.

From a single liquid application to a 5-product system with liquid, dry and two injected pesticides or micro-nutrients, SurePoint has the harnessing and the application system to meet your needs. SurePoint also offers JDRC 2000 harnesses for anhydrous ammonia application using SurePoint Torpedo NH3 systems or an existing system from another manufacturer.

Most importantly, SurePoint offers expert advice on the JDRC 2000 controller. Our manuals show

step-by-step screenshots on how to configure the controller and expert help is always just a phone call away.


SurePoint application and control systems are fully compatible with the Raven Rate Control Module or RCM. The Raven RCM can control up to 5 products and connects to several Virtual Terminals over the ISOBUS system. SurePoint systems are fully compatible with the RCM and SurePoint supplies everything (minus the RCM) for a complete system in one shipment.


With 5 product control, SurePoint has used the Raven RCM for a variety of applications. SurePoint can help you configure a simple single or dual product application system to add to your planter, or something a little more complex like a 3-product anhydrous, liquid and injection system for applicator bar.


SurePoint application and control systems are fully compatible with Ag Leader® technology. SurePoint has designed and field-tested all types of application systems; liquid fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. If you need to apply it on your farm, SurePoint will configure a system to meet your needs.

Application systems are compatible with the InCommand™, Insight™, and Integra™ platforms. From your Ag Leader dealer, purchase a Liquid Product Control Module (LPCM) or ISOBUS Liquid Control Module for each product you desire to control. SurePoint will provide the harness that plugs directly to the LPCM.


SurePoint fertilizer systems are fully compatible with the Case IH PRO 700 display. SurePoint has designed and field-tested three methods to connect directly to the Pro 700 display.

AFS ISO Task Controller

The Pro700 controller is an ISO-compliant controller that can be used with any ISO controller. At SurePoint, we are seeing two common ISO rate controllers being used. The most common ISO controller is the CNH ISOBUS Liquid Fertilizer Module from Mueller-Electronics. SurePoint has been testing this new ISO controller with Case IH dealers to ensure it will work with your SurePoint system. SurePoint has also used the Raven ISO Module with the Pro 700 for liquid application systems.

Planter ECU Rate Control

For Case front fold planters that are equipped with the ECU rate control module and do not have a Case factory fertilizer system, SurePoint can hook directly through your planter harness. This allows for an integrated solution in which you don’t have any hardware to purchase from Case IH.  The SurePoint system provides a harness that plugs directly into the Silver ECU Rate Control module attached to the planter frame.

AFS AccuControl Rate Controller

Utilize the Pro 700 with Cases AFS AccuControl to control liquid product or NH3 application on strip-till, applicator tools, and drills.

Pro-700-sentinel rate control.png
trimble transparent.png

SurePoint fertilizer systems are compatible with Trimble® Field IQ™ application control systems.  Consult your Trimble® dealer for assistance in choosing the system that will work best for you.

To use the Trimble® Field IQ™ system, you will need to purchase the Trimble® Rate & Section Control Module.  Also purchase a Trimble® display, harnesses from display to control module, and application control unlock code for the display. SurePoint will provide a harness with a 30 pin connector to plug directly into the Trimble® Rate & Section Control Module.

DICKEY-john transparent_Since_1966_Logo_

Control your SurePoint liquid fertilizer application system with a Dickey-john Working Set Master (WSMT) connected to a Dickey-john AI 120, AGCO C3000, or Topcon X30 display. Connect the Dickey-john Working Set Member(WSMB) that you need for your setup. The rate controller will adjust the speed of the SurePoint Tower electric pumps or PumpRight hydraulic pump based on feedback from the flowmeter and vehicle speed. The system is capable of section control utilizing a Working Set Member (WSMB) to minimize overlap areas with optional section valves.

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