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Sentinel Rate Control Compatible with Nearly All Equipment Brands

In the world of fertilizer application, all the major players have their own version of a rate control module. Here at SureFire Ag, we have always prided ourselves on being compatible with any major rate controller. From Deere to Trimble, Case to Ag Leader, we are truly the compatibility experts.

All the time and effort we have put into working with these controllers has given us a unique perspective on what certain controllers do well, and what room we see for improvement. Out of this thought process came the design of SureFire’s very own Sentinel Rate Controller. Sentinel is an ISOBUS compatible rate controller that is engineered to serve a wide variety of real-world rate control applications.

To start with the basics, Sentinel is ISO compatible. This means you can utilize Sentinel for rate control through most ISO compatible displays. This includes Deere’s 4640 and 2630, the Case Pro Series (700 and Newer), and Ag. Leader In-Command Displays, just to name a few (contact SureFire Ag for approved display list). SureFire Ag firmly supports the efforts of the ISOBUS community to allow agriculture technology to be as interchangeable as possible, and we stand behind the Sentinel Rate Controller as universal solution to do just that.

Through our many years of experience and expertise in fertilizer application, we have found that the demand for a multiple product controller has increased ten-fold. Many producers have found running multiple products during planting, such as an in-furrow starter and 2x2 nitrogen, to be massively beneficial to their yields, as well as to their bottom-line. Many producers have also seen a need to direct inject certain products into the stream of an existing system. For these reasons and many others, we designed the Sentinel Rate Controller to be capable of controlling up to 3 products, with potential updates to add more products in the future.

Our years in the industry have also shown us the importance of section control. Section control is utilized by a wide variety of producers to help preserve fertilizer and avoid costly over applying. Sentinel Rate Controllers offer up to 18 sections, which can be split over 1 to 3 products. As with any SureFire set-up, we manufacture all the harnessing to control these sections via our sister company, SureFire Electronics.

As has been the case in the past, Sentinel will continue to serve as the ECU for our row monitoring system. The SureFire ECU used for row monitoring also has rate control capabilities, as we use the same ECU for strictly rate control scenarios. Sentinel Row Monitoring and Rate Control pair together flawlessly to give you an all-encompassing solution that offers row monitoring and rate control ran on the ISOBUS from a single ECU. This saves the producer the cost of having to buy another rate controller in situations where one would have been required in the past. It has always been a goal of SureFire Ag to offer as complete a solution as possible. With that in mind, Sentinel Rate Control is more than capable of controlling any of our fertilizer systems, from the most basic Tower pump system to a high-speed, prescription rate set-up in Gen3 Liquishift. We are even offering a limited release of row-by-row control with the Sentinel rate controller, known as Sentinel Row Control.

We are ecstatic to offer the benefits of Sentinel Rate Control to our customers, both new and existing. That being said, we are still happy to provide systems compatible with all the major rate controllers that we have in the past. After all, we are the compatibility experts! If you have any questions about Sentinel Rate Control, or any of our other outstanding products, browse our website at or contact your local SureFire Dealer.

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